I like food

Gems are pretty


1-2 liners to provoke thought and make known truth. If you have nuggets or gems you want to drop, let me know and I’ll add them with your name. If you don’t want your name mentioned – tell me if you would rather be anonymous, your [state] location, or alter ego. =)

*Encouragement is a chain reaction – B 05/2017

* Excuses are lies wrapped up in reasoning. -Anonymous

* Irritations are opportunities to create pearls – KT

* The world uses psychology to create what got Spirit is supposed to do -KT

* The world said fear is false evidence appearing real, Karlene says fear from the Bible is factual evidence achieving reverence -KT

*You don’t have a job,  you have a purpose -HT

*To be honest is to be selfless -B 6/2017