Matthew 4Jesus is Tested in the Wilderness

V1. Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

Footnote: the Greek word tempted could also mean tested.

Tempted: to entice or allure to do something often regarded as unwise, wrong, or immoral. To put (someone) to the test in a venturesome way; provoke. To try or test.


Why would the Spirit lead Jesus into the wilderness?

  • To be tempted/tested by the devil?

Who does the temptation/ testing benefit?

  • Should benefit Jesus & glorify God

Why is this beneficial or necessary?

  • The Spirit doesn’t just guide us but exposes us- our true selves
  • This is necessary because it shows us where our faith is and what we can’t or can’t or aren’t ready to handle
  • Beneficial because the Spirit has power & lets us know whose strength we need to rely on and be built up in
  • Gives the devil a chance to know where the spirit abides- he has no place or room to deceive
  • The Spirit knows this- Do we?

The Spirit doesn’t lead me to sin.

  • Jesus was led into the wilderness (where God is too) not let to the devil
  • In everything the devil threw at him Jesus had a choice of how to respond. In our wilderness, we have a choice of how to respond and the Spirit does not lead us to sin


Why do we need to be exposed to the wilderness?

  • To know the difference of when God is speaking and able to use/dwell in us and who the trust/power/belief is to be given to

The wilderness will come and we need to know how to navigate it while being led by the spirit.

By allowing ourselves to be led by the Spirit we get to build a relationship with God based on love, trust, and obedience.

  • (Romans 8:31) Learn that when God is for us none can be against us

Being led by the Spirit into the wilderness will help to keep our heart soft and be reminded of the cross. When we’re tempted, to remember what he already did.

Verse 2 reads that Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and after he was hungry.

  • This could physically seem as a moment of weakness because he was hungry
  • As if he had all the answers, the devil used this as what he thought was the opportune time to bring up what he thought would be Jesus’ first satisfaction on his way to comfort
  • He said “if you are the son of God” wanting him to question or doubt where he gets his sustenance from

To question who he belongs to

To put God’s plan on a timeline à involves pride and wanting to control things on our own

  • Because he’s done fasting food should follow. Why should he wait?

The REAL purpose:

Satan wants to discredit God.

  • Satan didn’t tell Jesus to “go ask God,” or “ask your father to sustain you”
  • He wants us to lose sight of God’s power (abundant) and do it ourselves. To give permission to “other” things that require our consent
  • He doesn’t want us to know God’s promises, his plan, his character, his faithfulness and love, that he wants relationship with us.
  • He wants us to put ourselves in the place of God. He doesn’t want us to acknowledge God and his truths- Like him.

Because Jesus was led by the Spirit he was able to respond correctly. We were built for relationship with God. To depend on him. All things were made for and through the Son. His thoughts are not like our thoughts nor are his ways like our ways. We can’t be on the same level with him and satan disguises his intentions with lies and wants to give us a fools understanding of how he wants to portray God.


Fasting should bring clarity and strength.

Satan wanted to play on what he thought was weakness. He wants us to doubt and give up before even trying. He wants us to make what’s beneficial/necessary/healthy to look pointless/daunting/unnecessary so our ‘relationship in full’ with God falters

He wants our tools from God to look worthless and weak.

Jesus has his spiritual fix that satan didn’t care to understand and tried to tempt Jesus with a worldly fix.

When we’re going through tough times it’s important to remember our spiritual fix(-er) and not worldly fixes (which shouldn’t be an option)

(v.4) Listen to the words from God and live on these. Words from satan are deathly and slow killers.