If I can stop one heart from breaking

I would break mine to love you

Matters of my heart don’t matter

Unless it personifies like that of Jesus

So you could see Jesus

May heart is yours third coming

Second, Jesus’ doctrine

First, God’s loving

I will love you so hard

And do my best to withstand your slaps to my face, punches in my gut, and kicks to my butt

And any other abuse you dish my way


So you can still know Jesus even when you’re not trying to

I will eat my daily bread and grow grater than I’ve ever imagined

Yes, I will eat for the both of us

Until I’m full but that wont ever be


Because God’s word is meant to be eaten daily

And even still, I will hold tight until you’re ready for your serving


I’ve already tried giving up on you

And I’ve tried to justify why it was okay that I decided to

And I realized that if I justify and don’t try

Then I’m not really loving you,

And you’re not seeing Jesus or understanding his grace


Race it’s not

Marathon it is

And I’m going to be here for you until the very end


Holding my heart in my right hand for you

So you could see it on the truth alone


But my heart alone has a limit



And while it’s still beating

I will do my best to do everything in love

So even if it died in my hand

You still remember Jesus

And love Him for loving you



Five years ago I wrote this. (Dec 20th to be exact) (I’s always been titled “Breakthrough” But I felt it necessary to add ,Jesus).