What God said. Is. 

Not feeling in the greatest of moods, I prayed on it, and imagined what God would say to lift me up…

2016-01-27 22.15.20



Love me because I’m the only one who can give you eternity outside of your reality. Obey me because I know what’s best for you. I love you my daughter. I remember when I first conceived the thought of you and knitted you together in your mother’s womb. I planned your first steps, your first words, and everything that is you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. I took my time to prepare you the way I want the world to see you. But, behold, when you enter the world you will cry, you will feel pain, and people will hurt you and though it may not seem like it, I will be there. Sometimes you will pretend you don’t know me even though I placed eternity in your heart. When you’re longing, it’s because I miss you and you need me. I made you to have relationship with me. I want you to know the fullest extent of love you can ever receive. I want you to see my presence being faithful, my love as unconditional, and my heart filled with compassion ready to give you grace and mercy even when you don’t feel worthy. You will mess up, you will fall down, but know that I made you that way so I can pick you up. I want to hear your hearts cry, it’s deepest desires, and it’s greatest fears. I want to pick you up, dust you off and mend you back together. I want to strengthen you and give you hope. When you close your eyes I want your heart to see my reflection shining despite the darkness. I knitted you together in glory made to be unique and called back home. When your heart feels heavy and you feel the world is against you, remember I am your universe. Come talk to me so I can listen to my daughter’s cry and examine your tears and send a message in the wind to dry your face. Pray to me so you experience the example of the Father your faith knows but cannot not see. You are never alone, I see everything and I know everything. Help your sisters to know their heavenly Father, help your brother’s to know there is a God who loves them. Carry yourself like royalty and know whom it is you belong to. I will turn the eternity of your tears of pain into an ocean of joy and your heartache into love overflowing. Take heart because I am always here. When you feel imperfect and flawed, know that its why I am perfect and I complete you. When you leave your phone at home, or forget to put on your earrings, and you feel like something is missing, know that it’s because I am always meant to be by your side. Remember that the things of this world that make you feel that way are not more important than your souls contentment. I love you. And because I do I will always be real and up front with you. You don’t want to experience hell. My grace is sufficient. When I discipline you I want you to know I’m training you for blue skies and roads of gold. Your beautiful skin I formed is not made for hell kind of heat. When I made you I did not compromise. Shed your flesh through the Holy Spirit I gave you and when you bleed know that healing is happening. Treasure my ways even when you don’t understand. Trust me, I know your hearts desires. Desires fulfilled on earth are only temporary but if you seek first my kingdom, treasures in Heaven will be given to you. Whatever you’re feeling my daughter I want you to know that I love you.